Browsing / Surfing, browsing or surfing is browsing at sites sdsu blackboard @ Internet that aim to obtain information or data. The information can be obtained diinternet such as politics, economics, sosia, culture, science technology etc. 2. Searching, SearchingSAT is an activity to seek or obtain the information we want with the help of a search engine (search engine).

3. E-mail (Electronic Mail), E-mail sdsu blackboard is a way to exchange messages in the format of electronic data from one computer to another. By e-mail we can also send files or documents, pictures etc.. Email is a communication tool that is fast and cheap, where we can send a letter to the rest of the world in a short time.
4. Chat, Chat can be interpreted chat or conversation, that one way to communicate between computer users via a virtual meeting place (virtual). Every internet users around the world are able to converse directly by typing messages using the computer keyboard.
5. Download and upload, Download is the process of taking files from other computers or the internet to be used or stored on our computers. While Up load is the process of sending files from your computer to another computer or internet
E. Intranet rushcard login
An intranet is a private network that is contained within an enterprise. It may consist of many local area networks and interrelated also use leased lines in the wide area network. Typically, an intranet includes connections through one or more gateway computers to the outside Internet. The main purpose of an intranet is to share company information and computing resources among employees. An intranet can also be used to facilitate working in groups and for teleconferences.
Intranet using TCP / IP, HTTP and other Internet protocols and generally looks like a private version of the Internet. With tunneling, the company can send private messages through the public network, using the public network with special encryption / decryption and other security safeguards to connect one part of their intranet to another.
Typically, larger companies allow users within their intranet to access the public Internet through a firewall server that has the ability to display messages in both directions so that company security is maintained. When part of an intranet is made accessible to customers, partners, suppliers, or others outside the company, which is partly being part of an extranet.


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